Drug Charges

Shamsher Kothari, K.C.’s Criminal Defence Practice involves the defence of many drug related cases. Drug cases ranging from possession of marijuana, drug trafficking, conspiracy and importation cases involving Part VI Authorizations (wire-tap). Some cases may result in an efficient and speedy resolution, while others require the imposition of a criminal trial. The penalties for these types of cases can be anywhere from a referral to the Adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP), a short term of probation resulting in a conditional discharge to several years in prison for higher level drug possession and trafficking cases.

The Federal Public Prosecution Service throughout Canada (Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto), adopts a very serious approach to their files and the alleged crimes they are prosecuting. The stakes are high. The entry of a criminal conviction for drug trafficking crime, one may face a lengthy jail term at a Federal institution in Alberta (Bowden, Drumheller, Grand Cache etc). In fact, the Alberta Court of Appeal, in certain cases, have suggested “starting points” ranging between 3 to 4 years in jail. Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has been successful in having drug charges dismissed prior to trial or preliminary inquiry and has also secured Conditional Sentence Orders (“CSO”) for numerous clients charged with drug related offences.

Drug offence convictions have devastating effects on an individual’s personal and professional life. Travel restrictions, loss of employment, and unsuccessful security screening clearance for prospective employment can all flow from a single drug conviction. Call Shamsher Kothari, K.C. @ 403-6674406 for a free consultation in order to find out what your rights are and what your case involves.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. is a Calgary Criminal Lawyer who will take the time to review your case and mount a defence to achieve the result you are looking for. The reality is that drug charges demand the attention of experienced and effective legal counsel with the tools and resources to build a creative and sophisticated defence.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. aims relentlessly to uncover the details behind any drug arrest – from investigation and locating witnesses, to interviewing witnesses and developing effective Charter and Constitutional challenges to arrests, searches, and possession issues. Mr. Kothari’s experience is that an aggressive approach is necessary for the successful defence of a drug-related charge. Mr. Kothari will defend your charges utilizing his knowledge of the law, while protecting and preserving all your rights.

Please contact my office as soon as possible so we can discuss the facts of your case. Call: 403-6674406.