Shamsher Kothari, K.C. received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with a Minor in Law & Society from the University of Calgary. After completing his first degree Shamsher Kothari, K.C. began his legal career at the Provincial Court of Alberta Criminal Division.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. was employed with the Justice and Attorney General’s department for 3 years and completed the Government of Alberta Certified Paralegal Course before retiring as a Senior Judicial Clerk. During his employ with the Court, Shamsher Kothari, K.C. mastered various transferable skills germane to the intricate rules of criminal law procedure. This paved the way for his career in criminal defence law. During his law degree Shamsher Kothari, K.C. worked with well-known and respected criminal defence lawyer, Adriano Iovinelli, on multiple homicide files and a historic sexual assault case involving DNA evidence. Before completing law school Shamsher Kothari, K.C. had already participated in 3 homicide cases.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. was quoted dozens of times in the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun for his involvement in several high profile cases.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. was awarded the Crown Attorney’s Prize for his high standing in criminal law during law school. Shamsher Kothari, K.C. was also a competitor in the McIntyre/Sopinka Cup Moot and was selected to travel to Saskatchewan to represent the University of Calgary Faculty of Law.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has been counsel on the largest and most complex fraud case in Canadian history and routinely defends mega fraud cases.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has been lead counsel on murder cases across Alberta and has successfully defended 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, and manslaughter charges.