Driving Offences

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. is a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer who defends all types of criminal driving charges that are contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. Within his practice he defends a significant number of cases involving everyday people charged with impaired driving, over 80, dangerous driving, careless driving, and impaired driving where bodily harm or death has occurred. When charged with a driving related offence, it is crucial to obtain prompt and knowledgeable advice on available defences to fight these cases as they are technical in nature and require special training in this area of law.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. typically uses an exhaustive approach in defending these types of charges – from exploring the legality of the traffic stop, possible weaknesses in the validity of the breath tests, to evidence to the contrary utilizing expert testimony of a toxicologist and vigorous cross-examination of the arresting officer(s).

Shamsher Kothari, K.C.’s approach to a client’s defence is built on a thorough review of the facts, exhaustive examination of all issues associated with the traffic stop and a determined approach to building your case. Shamsher Kothari, K.C. is a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer who was trained by Tim Foster one of the most well respected Criminal Driving Lawyer’s in Alberta.

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