Tax Defence

The Canada Revenue Agency has the ability to audit and investigate individuals and corporations with respect to financial transactions and specific tax matters.

Their statutory powers sometimes seem limitless coupled with their investigative techniques and resources. When you as an individual are faced with a CRA investigation you will need advice on how to deal with the investigators and the prosecutors. Shamsher Kothari is an experienced defence lawyer who can defend your rights and will vigorously advocate your position before the CRA and the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.

If you are a director of a corporation and have been named along with a company in a CRA investigation or prosecution Mr. Kothari can defend your corporation and your rights as a director. In many CRA investigations search warrants will be executed in order to obtain documents and other evidence to assist in prosecuting an individual or corporation. Shamsher Kothari is an experienced defence counsel who has in depth knowledge on how to challenge these particular warrants.

If you are under investigation or are charged with offences under the Income Tax Act contact Shamsher Kothari today.