Criminal Code Charges

Shamsher Kothari, K.C.’s Criminal Defence Practice is centered on the successful defence of charges in contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada. The Criminal Code is the principal piece of legislation in Canada that fundamentally deals with an individual’s morality and conduct in society.

Parliament has created laws which define certain actions in everyday life as being prohibited under pain of penalties ranging from charges being laid and subsequently withdrawn to the imposition of fines and or probation all the way to imprisonment.

The Criminal Law is complex and consists of hundreds of processes and steps that require extreme precision. One procedural error at the beginning of a case may vitiate a successful defence and lead to a conviction. Shamsher Kothari, K.C. is a Criminal Defence Lawyer who maintains a meticulous approach to all criminal cases. From the simplest theft under charge to complex first degree murder cases, Shamsher Kothari, K.C. explores every type of defence from substantive defences to the most precise procedural defence in order to unravel the Crown’s case and successfully defend a criminal charge.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has defended cases involving internet crime, offences against the person (assault, aggravated assault, manslaughter and murder), gaming crimes (cheating at play), sexual offences, offences against property, and fraudulent transaction offences.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has a proven track record for achieving success throughout every stage of a criminal charge. From the bail stage through to the trial, Shamsher Kothari, K.C. is a relentless criminal defence lawyer who tirelessly evaluates the evidence and leaves no avenue of defence unchecked.

Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has prided himself on attacking cases that seem insurmountable. For many individuals charged with a Criminal Code offence the pressure of the potential for a conviction overtakes everything in one’s life. The evidence at first blush can seem overwhelming and the possibility of successfully being released on bail, or getting a positive outcome in the end may be inconceivable. Shamsher Kothari, K.C. has a proven track record for successfully defending these types of cases.

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